Real estate professionals came together at an Aug. 26, 2022, event hosted by Main Street and Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals (ASARP), to learn about how Yoga and Ayurveda could help them in their daily work. Photo: courtesy ASARP Main Street Organization of Realtors and the Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals […]
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As the United States gets less religious, is it also getting more selfish? Historically, religious Americans have been civically engaged. Through churches and other faith-based organizations, congregants volunteer, engage in local and national civic organizations and pursue political goals. Today – the rise of a politically potent religious right over the past 50 years notwithstanding […]
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In yoga, the number of asanas, or poses, can seem endless. While there are 84 basic poses, some believe that the total number can be in the millions, given all of the styles of yoga and variations.   Whether you’re new to yoga, or you’ve been practicing for years, keep in mind that the goal is […]
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